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About Bee-Line Calibrations

Waiting at your local dealership is one of life’s most unpleasant tasks. Whether it’s an oil change, alignment, tire rotation, or tire replacement, you find yourself trapped, and you are at the mercy of the technician assigned to work on your vehicle. By 2025, 50% of the vehicles on the road will need one additional service called (ADAS) Advanced Driver’s-Assistance Systems recalibration. Recalibration must occur anytime your vehicle is aligned, tires rotated/ replaced, or have had your windshield replaced. The camera on your rear-view mirror is one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. If your vehicle is not recalibrated, your vehicle is basically driving blind, and you and your family could be at risk. ADAS calibrations are complex and generally take around 1.5 hours. Why waste time sitting in a break room at your dealership getting haggled by a salesperson wanting you to trade in your car for a newer, more expensive car?

Bee-Line Calibrations gives you back something we all wish we had more of…Time! Our mobile recalibration team comes directly to you. Our Opti-Aim technology allows us to do Dynamic and Static recalibration conveniently and accurately. Bee-Line works directly with your insurance company, so there are NO out-of-pocket costs to you. Unlike your dealership, where you would have to pay for the recalibration upfront and wait several months for reimbursement, Bee-Line takes the sting out of the process.

Call Bee-Line Calibrations today and take back your time and, more importantly, possibly saving you or your loved ones’ life.

Calibrated to perfection, every time.

We Are The Best in The Buzziness!

Bee-Line Calibrations uses Opti-Aim, the first complete solution for precise auto glass camera calibration. Opti-Aim allows us to manage complex calibrations that demand precise, camera-ready accuracy for all makes and models.